August 8th

Yesterday saw the launch of the first real-money gambling app for Facebook. Developed by a London-based online gambling operator, the app allows users age 18 and over to play games for cash prizes. This game is only available to UK Facebook users.

Zynga the websites largest gaming partner has also said that is plans to introduce real…

July 30th

Planning on shopping online? I’m sure if you have shopped online before there have been simple, straight forward experiences and other times a pain in the neck. Well unfortunately the bad experiences end up costing ecommerce businesses serious sales. Do you think you have what it takes to make your visitors want to stay on your website and…

July 2nd

When you create a website, the main goal is to achieve a high SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).  If you don’t have this then users of the internet will never know about you, and your website will not be easy to locate in search engines.

So, are you wondering how you can get higher rankings and be able to optimise your website?