August 15th

One of the most important things about an email when used for marketing purposes is the visual styling.  Email marketing software should allow you to create templates or use existing ones and have some kind of drag and drop functionality for ease of use. Email marketing software that has a good visual editor is important as it makes it easier…

August 9th

Apps are a great way of extending or even transforming your business. It has been recorded that 71% of UK adults now own a smartphone (Source: Sky News), with more people using smartphones then ever before it is important to make sure you are visible to your target audience; having a mobile app makes this more possible. 

Mobile Apps…

August 3rd

Getting negative comments on social media after receiving poor service is bound to happen but it’s what you do with these complaints is important. 

You should use every negative complaint as guidance for the future. If someone has complained about something you should try make sure the same things doesn’t happen again and if people keep…