Search Engine Optimisation

Need more website traffic?

It's not just about increasing the volume of traffic, our SEO campaigns aim to generate you quality, relevant traffic. Traffic that is looking for the services / products you provide.

Need to increase awareness?

Being visible above your competitors in the search engines will greatly improve your visibility. 62% of Google users don’t click beyond page 1.

Need More Website Traffic?

Whether you have an online store selling products, or providing a service.

More Quality Traffic = Higher Revenue!

The SEO we do for you falls into two main categories:

On-site SEO

  • Title Tag Optimisation
  • Meta Tag Optimisation
  • H1 Tag, Bold Tag
  • Robots.txt Optimisation
  • Image Optimisation
  • Checks for dead links/spam links
  • Properly connect all inner Pages, etc

Off-site SEO

  • Press Releases
  • Directory Submissions
  • Article Submissions
  • Contextual Link Building
  • Forum Link Building
  • Link Wheel Creation
  • Blog Commenting

Natural Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is typically the most common form of Search Engine Marketing as a website that has been optimized well will appear at the top of search engines for a longer period of time. The websites that have been listed in Google with Pay Per Click advertising however will usually disappear when the customer has stopped paying.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the optimizing of a website to receive better ranks within search engines such as Google. How Google ranks a website is determined upon a number of factors which must be taken into account. In making the website as search engine friendly as possible by following the best methods of doing so, the website will get a better rank and therefore list higher in the index of literally millions of websites.

Google will send a “Google bot” or a “spider” which will “crawl” the internet following links to other web pages and resources. The web pages it finds are then indexed back into the search engine and given a ranking based on all factors gathered from the web page / web pages.

How the website is ranked is determined by the content within the website. In conclusion Search Engine Optimisation is finding the best ways to optimize your website for search engines to achieve the highest possible ranking for your particular subject matter.

For us to complete the keyword research we use multiple tools to work how much each of the keywords relevant to you is searched each month. After this we review the valuable keywords to see which ones are more likely to convert into a purchase or a lead.

After carrying out the competitor analysis and checking that your keywords have high search volumes and well targeted, we start building them into your website.

You may need new landing pages or new or extra content on your website in order to make sure the structure is suitable for successful SEO. Sometimes you may need the actual architecture of the website completely restructuring if isn't crawler friendly.

We will then ensure the site map has been submitted, tracking code has been installed and then any 301 redirects have been created if we have had to change any link/file names.

Here we move onto the Off-page optimization of the website, off-page optimization is mainly the link building section.

Link building is one of many techniques that we use to help push your website up in the search engine listings. The idea behind this is to generate as many quality links from sources that the search engines think are valuable. Then once the search engine sees these links back to your website, it believes that your website will offer value to searches, and will award you with a high search engine position.

We as an SEO company have a team of copyrighters who are dedicated to generating you lots of quality links from around the internet.

Our link building services include:

Press Releases

Press releases are content based, online news stories and are one of the most powerful promotional strategies you can use to generate sales leads. Your products and/or services can directly reach customers with the help of press releases. We at Introspective have expert copyrighters who can write the press release for your business. All content is optimised with the keywords relating to the internet marketing campaign.

Directory Submissions

Link building is one of the most crucial parts of search engine optimization. Different link building techniques can be used to produce natural links. It is true that a website will not achieve a higher search engine position without natural links. Directory submission is an ethical way to build natural one-way links. Directly links may take a while for the search engines to find, but once they are listed they give a large boost to your search engine rankings. We only use SEO friendly directories that have to be submitted manually. We ensure that all directory submissions are placed in the correct category, and that the directory is of high value to the search engines.

Article Submissions

Article submissions are an effective way to promote your business online. Search engines love new content, and as your article spreads across the internet, it receives more traffic. All articles are published in the correct categories along with the website link. Most article directories provide live feeds, that allow their content to be syndicated to different websites and blogs. We only submit the articles to high quality article directories so that the article gets proper syndication. Properly syndicated articles will improve your visibility and get your website more visits and quality one-way backlinks.

Contextual Link Building

Forum Link Building

Search engines offer high value to fresh and useful information. Forums can be a great source of information, where uses share their individual views on topic that can be relevant to your business. Forums allow uses to create links in their posts, these links are classed as natural and have a high priority when it comes to search engine rankings. Forums are maintained by human moderators and each forum has it's own guidelines that we must abide by. Our experts will place your website link on to the forums that are related to your business to maintain link relevancy. We only build links from do-follow forums.

Link Wheel Creation

The main objective of every business is to reach the front page of search engines in particular Google. Link wheel is a strategy through which natural backlinks are created for the targeted website. Link wheels are one of the best options to increase link popularity and high search engine rankings. This content needs to be unique and fresh. This content is then placed on multiple platforms for example, web 2.0 websites and article websites, press release websites etc.

Blog Commenting

Social Bookmarking

Squidoo Lens Creation

HubPage Creation