Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps Sheffield

Apps are a great way of extending or even transforming your business. We deliver user-focused applications for many business sectors. We pride ourselves in the production of robust code which is built to last.

We can support app development for iPhone, Android and Windows devices. We build apps which work flawlessly across a range of increasingly diverse devices. We may also support other devices depending on your needs, so please contact us if you have different hardware requirements. In addition we develop apps to support larger screens provided by tablets or even laptops.

An app can be the perfect companion to an existing service offered by your company, for example a quicker and more convenient way of ordering your products and services or perhaps a more intuitive method for customers’ to design their own bespoke products. Whatever your business there is certainly a mobile app to provide greater convenience and satisfaction for your customers.

Understanding your customers is a key component to developing the right app. At Introspective we work with you to recognise and be mindful of your target audience through each step of the development process. But wait ! …I already have a mobile responsive website, why do I need an app? A responsive website is great, it allows customers to use any device or screen-size easily to buy your products or use your services. However, in the following areas it can be limited:


The mobile responsive version of a website will most often be accessed via a mobile device using a mobile data connection. A website by its nature will use a lot more data to download its content than an app. This will result in much longer loading times. In an app much of the data is already stored on the mobile device which is much less demanding on a user’s network connection. If a user is in an area of limited network connectivity they are much less likely to become frustrated navigating an app than a mobile site due to decreased loading times; this could easily be the difference between a sale and a discontented customer.


With an app your logo is stored in the user’s app list. This makes it a much more convenient for them to access your services or products. With a mobile site the user would initially have to open their web-browser with the intention of navigating to your website.


Once an app is installed on a users’ phone it is possible to send them notifications. These push-notifications can be sent manually; typically keeping the customer informed of offers or promotions, these can be customised to target specific customers based on criteria such as previous purchase history.

Push-notifications can also be generated automatically by an action within the app, these are often used to inform the customer of actions relating to their orders or accounts. For example, a push-notification can be sent to the user when an order has been dispatched or a payment received.

At Introspective we collaborate with you every step of the way, ensuring you are happy right from the initial ideas and design stages to the completion and publication of the app.

In a world where both business and technology are constantly changing we understand how important it is to maintain and update the app post release in accordance with these changes. We’re here to ensure your apps continued success.