Reacting to Negative Comments via Social Media

Getting negative comments on social media after receiving poor service is bound to happen but it’s what you do with these complaints is important. 

You should use every negative complaint as guidance for the future. If someone has complained about something you should try make sure the same things doesn’t happen again and if people keep complaining about the same thing then you know something is wrong.

You need to discover what it is the customer is complaining about so you can come up with the correct response. The last thing any business wants is to have bad comments about them on social media but if you handle it in the right way it can work in your favour. Always offer a solution, if people can see that you are trying your best to sort someone’s problem out and that you care about what they think they are less likely to think bad about the business. 

You should also try to reply to complaints as quick as possible as you don’t also want to be targeted for having slow customer service. People are likely to take to twitter with anything bad they have experienced from a company so really you’re getting feedback without asking for it, it may not always be good feedback but it helps you to keep improving.  Having a good social media presence with a strong follower presence lets you react to complaints quickly and have a degree of control. 

You should always apologise, apologising from the outset doesn't have to mean accepting that you did wrong it just makes the customer feel that you are acknowledging their complaint. If you did wrong it is important to admit you did so and if you didn’t it’s important to apologies anyway.

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