Benefits of Having a Mobile Friendly Web Presence.

Many people own smart phones and use these to browse the internet. Mobile digital media time was at 51% compared to desktop at 42%. Not only that but 80% of people use their smart phone to search the internet and 42% use a tablet. 

People not only use their smart phones to search the internet but also to access mobile apps. It was recorded that 89% of people’s time is spent browsing on mobile apps. This data just proves that if you’re not reaching out to your audience through mobile friendly websites or apps, then you could be missing out on prospective business. 

If the statistics alone weren’t enough to prove that having a mobile friendly website or app are beneficial then here’s a few more reasons. 

The most obvious being that it will increase customer engagement. Consumer demand for mobile apps is ever increasing as the need to connect quickly to personal data and other useful resources increases. From a business point of view increased visibility is expected as people use their mobile devices on a day to day basis so having access to your app is advantageous. People browsing on the move is likely to mean they will view your app or website more frequently. 

In addition, having a mobile friendly web design can help to increase brand awareness. Your app is your own, you create it so you can decide how it looks. If your app is well designed and branded it can achieve recognition. It is also another platform that you can advertise your product or service on.

Being mobile friendly can help you stand out from the competition. Not every business will have a good presence on mobile devices so you get ahead if you do. People are much more likely to buy from you than competitors if they can access your product or service whilst on their phone or tablet, as for some this is a more convenient way to find you.