Using social media to promote your brand.

Many brands use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to interact with customers, share new products or content and many other things. Social media can actually help drive traffic to your website and impact on SEO. Your social media page is an extension of your website so using this social presence can help improve your branding and have a positive effect on SEO.

Using your social media to interact with customers can also have an effect on SEO. If you are getting comments on twitter posts for example, it is increasing your content on that page. Social media can also help turn negatives into positives in terms of customer feedback. For example if a customer complains about bad service on Facebook, you can reply offering them something for the poor service they’ve received.  This may lead customers to be ‘wowed’ encouraging them to go on to write positive reviews or recommend you. 

Social media can also help you build links with others. You can follow Twitter or Facebook pages you’re interested in and interact with them. Even if you have connections with a small number of people it can help to create SEO success. 

It takes more than just posting on your social media page to impact SEO but if you actively use your social media platforms in the correct way it can help to contribute to the success of your long term SEO efforts.