Benefits of keeping your Website up to date


You may have a website that you think is successful, but if you’re not updating it is it really as effective as you think.

Here are some reasons why keeping your website up to date is so important.

Changing your online content regularly can help search engines find you. Search engines like websites that have new content so it’s important to have a fresh up to date website as a lot of value is placed on this. Fresh content can provide key words which you can use to optimise your articles and attract prospective customers. 

Posting up to date content shows customers that you are busy and that your business can evolve and keep delivering. It also keeps your customers informed on activity within the business. 

You can track the number of visitors to your website to see if the information you are posting is popular, which can then help you choose content for future posts and possible sales campaign. In addition, it is possible to monitor the success of the content you are providing on your site. 

Google favours fresh content. As google expresses their love for updated websites, it must be important. If you update your page with relevant and new information you have more chance of google ranking your page higher, however you should not update your website with anything unnecessary.

Alternatively you could re vamp your website design and rebuild your content for a total fresh new look. 

Content is king!